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Born in the Hunter Valley, NSW, Trudy  has always been passionate about the power of words and stories. She began what would become her award-winning, first novel Desolate Beauty at 17 and completed the draft a year later. She went on to complete her degree in English literature in 2007.

Desolate Beauty was published in 2009 by Ark House Press and later won 3rd Prize in the Australian Christian Book of the Year Award (2010). The judges comments were as follows:

"The plot is powerful and the climax dramatic yet the writing is subtle, intuitive and intimate. The characters of the protagonist and her unconventional companion are developed with confidence and emotional depth and their transforming friendship is described naturally and convincingly. A gritty and mature first novel."

Trudy's second novel, Judging Meghan, followed in 2010, and Broken Melody was released in 2013 (both published by Wombat Books).

Trudy won 2nd Prize in the Australian Christian Young Writers Award (2015) for her then manuscript, The Sunshine List. The judges comments were as follows:

"A teenage protagonist and her family deal with rising tensions as changing circumstances threaten close family bonds. The narrator’s voice is believable and engaging. Emotions and hopes are revealed in her diary, letters and ‘to-do’ lists. Themes include common contemporary issues such as cyber-bullying, drug abuse and the fragmentation of family relationships. At the end of a complex story that continues to produce surprises the narrator reaches a sense of resolution and hope."

The Sunshine List was published in 2017 (Onwards & Upwards Publishers).

Trudy has two other completed manuscripts and has begun work on her seventh novel. Having finished her youth work postgraduate degree in 2010, Trudy works to empower disadvantaged young people, and often facilitates writing workshops at schools. All of Trudy's books are available here.