Colonel Gwenyth Redhead – Retired Salvation Army Officer (USA):

Desolate Beauty held my attention with its fast pace and unexpected twists and turns. It provides insights into the struggles faced by many teens, particularly the struggle with faith in God. The book could be valuable to a teen going through similar struggles, and to older adults seeking to relate to teens in a relevant way.’

Rod Benson – Ethicist (Tinsley Institute, Sydney) and NSW Baptist Minister:

DesolateBeauty is a compelling story of love, betrayal, loss and redemption. As Eliza Hunter approaches adulthood, she feels the impact of peer pressure and the fateful choices of others. Her riven emotions and growing self-awareness are sharpened by tragedy, and strengthened by courage as a desolate beauty emerges from parched desert. The author evokes an assured sense of divine presence to which Eliza slowly and reluctantly awakens.’

Sarah Onions – Logosdor:

Desolate Beauty is a challenging and inspiring story of a young girl’s journey towards finding herself, her purpose and place in the world. This evocative story takes the audience through the depths of despair to show the difference a vital relationship with God makes in giving meaning and purpose.’

Elizabeth Amos – 16 year-old

‘What I liked about Desolate Beauty was that it was modern and it dealt with current issues that a teen would face now. It was well written and kept me intrigued as to what the outcome would be. The main difference from other books that stood out to me was how well it incorporated a Christian message without being cliché. Definitely worth the read!’


'This piece of teen fiction (Desolate Beauty) has an amazing ability to pinpoint and deal with several issues that commonly affect today’s teenage population. These include identity, relationships with those who surround us (including love and loss) and the search for a personal connection with a personal God. This is all done with the use of stunning Australian imagery. For the Authors first novel, this is simply an impressive novel and one cannot wait to see what else God has placed in her heart to share with his struggling world.' 


'Hi Trudy, I just wanted to thank you for writing Desolate Beauty. I have just finished reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and I hope there are new books out soon.'

Paula Vince (Australian Author):

'I enjoyed Judging Meghan and my favourite parts, other than the credibility and strength of the characters, were the beautiful descriptive passages about the Australian countryside, which just bring the story to life.'


'Dear Trudy, I've just finished reading Judging Meghan and thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed it. I could not put it down, and on several occasions found myself reading till 2:00AM. I have not enjoyed a 'contemporary' novel as much as this in a very long time. Your characters are very believable and I found myself relating to Meghan, despite the fact that I'm 62 years old. Meghan's learning about forgiveness and how it relates to her own happiness and peace is probably one of the most important themes in the book. Congratulations and thank you, Trudy, for a wonderful book.'


'Hi Trudy, I just finished reading Judging Meghan and had to say thank you for a wonderful story! I felt like I was on the road with Meghan and the Manleys, sharing their hardships and their joys along their way. It was good to see Meghan's relationship with God grow and get stronger and to see her "find " and accept herself as well. Thank you Trudy. Can't wait for your next book.'


'Hi Trudy - Just finished reading your book (Judging Meghan) and I want to congratulate you. It is such a charming novel. I loved every minute while reading. I look forward to reading more books by you.' 

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