The Sunshine List

The Sunshine List

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“I must say, Caitlyn, I have heard from some of your other teachers that you haven’t been as attentive as you used to be, and that you’re missing more and more assignments. It’s not lack of skills, so why are you letting it get away from you?”

Spending more time in the deputy principal’s office was not what 14-year-old Caitlyn had in mind when she began Year 9 in her semi-arid Australian town. As far as she was concerned, life was perfect until her wayward cousin joined the household, her parents started fighting, her best friend turned into Public Enemy No. 1, and her mum started making her write to-do lists.

Surely growing up wasn’t meant to be this complicated. Now not only does Caitlyn have to navigate the unforgiving wilderness of school, but find a way to preserve the ties that are only just holding her family together.