Desolate Beauty

Desolate Beauty


The fire was raging and loud and red and it consumed my whole world. My skin felt like it was blistering from the intense heat, but I could not move.' 

At 17, Elizabeth Hunter has more than enough to worry about in surviving her unstable mother, her final year of school and some unsettling dreams without Jill Waters deciding to be her friend as well. Jill, always cheerful, is determined to find the real Elizabeth behind the stubborn front, while Elizabeth is trying to make decisions about her family, beliefs and love-life.

With help from her rugged father and gentle aunt, she goes from the city to a drought-stricken farm and back again in search of something she's not sure is worth fighting for. Soon she will see that to find and keep the things most important to her, she will have to make huge sacrifices, leave those she loves, and go through the fire.

(3rd Prize Winner of the Australian Christian Book of the Year Award)

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