Class Set - Broken Melody (30 copies)

Class Set - Broken Melody (30 copies)


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Get a class set of Broken Melody today! This is a novel that will challenge and inspire young people. Broken Melody covers various themes relevant to many of today's teens - the power of friendship, overcoming the fear of failure, developing a future, and recovering from the damaging impact of physical and psychological abuse.

'There are so many things in my life I'm confused about, but music is my one certainty. Music is what makes it possible for me to breathe.'

Seventeen year-old Danae Blackburn has never known love. After being fostered out at two, the family that chose her gradually reduced her to brokenness and a life of fear. For a long time there is only one thing she can turn to - the piano, at which she is amazingly gifted. Torn between a dysfunctional past and a promising future, Danae struggles against everything that threatens her identity - the love of a friend, the challenge of a competition, the possibility of change. At first, the only thing that helps to weaken her defenses is the beauty in music...

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